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Web Developer & Server Admin

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Enjoying my job as an EncompassŪ 360 Administrator has been a great experience for my career, as I have boosted my capabilities of integration, implementation and deployment of Web products; and truly provide a great and unique perspective to the employers I have served.

I don't mind being referred to as the "WordPress" guru. Integrating any Web project with this product gives me great flexibility of being able to accomplish the task I am given.

Sometimes integrating an inside Web with the outside world can be challenging with the Security implementation, but studying the "how to" is easier to merge any web development job.

The most popular Web language has developed itself into turning oustanding results when itemizing the required programming of the job.

PHP also presents great capabilities and challenges that are easily adaptable with my-sql queries and tables.

  • Web Design & WordPress
  • PHP + CSS + JQuery
  • Javascripts

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