Tony Romo losses the playoff game, again!

Tony Romo

I have said it before. Tony Romo is still a very inexperienced player. He said something like “he has studied the two minute drills and knows how and when to take a time out.”

He really needs to take a whole seminar on when and how to throw the ball away.

In this loss, he kept the ball when he didn’t have to, he was sacked when he needed to throw the ball away, he threw the ball away when he didn’t have to, causing his team to get penalized for intentional grounding; and the most important aspect of this game, is that he got scared and grew up extremly frustrated as the Giants were able to put a lot of pressure on him.

In my opinion, he lost the Cowboys the game. He has played consistently poor over the last five games and it was simply a matter of time before the world fell around him.

He needs to erase that stupid smile which I think it’s out of fear he smiles. Not out of confidence. Get a grip on yourself and get some maturity for yourself. Your lame performances are despicable and you need to grow up or get the hell out of this team!

Sorry Tony, I’m not with you and cannot consider your playing at the level of a Roger Staubach or Troy Aikman. You’re way down still and unless you change your ways you will be a mediocre player, just like the last few QB’s who have tried it at running America’s Team.

Remember one simple fact: Quarterbacks are meassured only for what they do in the playoffs and in the Superbowl.

This is strike two for Tony Romo! This team does NOT need another Danny White, who I learned to respect over time, but never did anything of importance for the team; even this year, Tony Romo broke White’s records, but failed like White failed in the playoffs!

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  1. David
    Jan 19, 2008

    Well, yes I’m know my criticism of Tony Romo is a big one, but I’m not blaming Jessica or his trip to Mexico, but I bet that if this situation would have involved Payton Manning, he would not have done a trip on the bye week; instead, he would have prepared for the game much deeper. So, what do you say about that?

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