Terrel Owens joins the Cowboys!

Terrell Owens

It’s official, the controversial wide receiver has joined the Dallas Cowboys to a 3 year deal, as announced today at a press conference set by owner Jerry Jones and Terrel’s agent.

I do care about this transaction, and I do care about my team. Personally, if this guy can benefit the organization and truly be the kind of teamplayer, the kind of a better man he wants to be, on and off the field, then I welcome him as a Cowboy; pending of course, the fulfillment of the promise he’s making to embrace the star.

I also, expect him to apologize not just in words, but in his actions as well, about the star incidents that he had in Dallas a few years ago, and that took a person like Emmitt Smith to defend his beloved star, as expected!

We’ll see!

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