Looking for personal closure

My beloved job at DPT Business School has been the best job I’ve had since my arrival in the US. It was not the money, but the daily satisfaction I used to get from it. It was the students and of course the fellow teachers. This place had a unique atmosphere.

It went out of business in December 2011 after 24 years. Just a few days ago, I was in the area again and there’s this art & craft store in its place.

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Feelings of Anger and Powerless

I really understand the people of Spain and share their sentiments of anger and powerless for these coward attacks, but I would not blame the Prime Minister Aznar for them.

If he decided to join the crusade against terrorism along side with the US, it’s simply because Spain has suffered for more than 30 long years of such terrorist attacks and an end had to be set for it, whether by him or someone else.

Leave the guy alone, he did what he had to do, and I admire his decision, as a matter of fact I will vote for him again, as usual. The Popular Party has been doing an excellent job for the country, and if the people are feeling he’s guilty, they’d better rethink their position here.

This is a very serious act of terrorism. Serious enough to cause another civil revolt among the people; if this was done by ETA, they’ve shot their last bullet because nobody in Spain would be able to tolerate them anyway ever. But if this was done by someone else, then the people had better prepare to plan how they’re going to secure the entire country, going forward as this could’ve happened anywhere in the world, and this is exactly what Mr. Aznar was thinking of, so I believe he’s very capable of coming up with the answers that are needed in this case and he will not fail.

Also, Spain will see the support of not only the US, but the entire world. Spaniards must think with their heads of what’s ahead of them and the rest of us, rather than blaming any one at this point.

Justice must be done, one way or another, I agree. If these attacks were done to settle something that happened long ago about 1492, then we’re dealing with the most stupid people on earth, but then again, not only stupid but without human feelings.

I personally have nothing against Islam, but Muslims should really think of doing something to rid Islam of fundamentalists who come and ruin their whole cause for existence.

God is a loving God, who would not tolerate these actions to be done in His name. If Muslims think otherwise, then they must not be worshipping the same God.

Again, Mr. Aznar made a good decision here, and he has demonstrated that fear should not be the leading sentiment for not doing what is right.

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