Pre-Memorial Event for Keiko at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

I’ve been very interested in the events following the death of Keiko, which by the way I met many times while he was captive and giving shows before Mexican audiences back in 1989 and 1991, when I was working in La Salle Junior-High in Mexico City and I used to take my students for field tours to Reino Aventura (back then). I even patted Keiko once and got him to give me a kiss. I was very moved to learn of his death.

Back then, I saw that the trainers were taking good care of him and he seemed happy. Little did I know that none of this was true and that he actually was in pain and not being treated properly, but that’s history.

Anyway, looks like they’re having an event to Keiko’s memory planned with a musical tour and everything. Very interesting!

You can see the Article about Keiko, here.

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