Eli Manning, Champion of SB-46

Well, if there had ever been any doubts about Eli Manning, you can really scratch that now.

The Pats wanted a second shot at Eli and settle something, and instead, the only account that has been settled is, of course, who’s better.

The Giants have beaten not once, but twice, a team considered the best in the NFL for the past 10 years, at least.

They Giants deserved their win, and the Pats deserved their loss. They’re a team of cheaters, and got what it’s was coming to them. A worldwide embarassment.

Anyway, this was all about Eli Manning. Now, between the two Manning brothers, one question: who’s better?

At least for now, Eli’s got two rings on his fingers already!

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Joinin’ the boys

Drew Bledsoe has joined the Cowboys!

Drew Bledsoe

With a tenure of 12 years in the NFL, and having played the first 4 of his career for Parcells, Bledsoe is reunited with his former coach.

Is this bad news for Vinny Testaverde? Mostly so.

How big and how important will this move be for the boys? Well, I truly do not know. I’d heard that owner Jerry Jones was not in the mood to agreeing into this, and it looks like Parcells has yet won another battle.

All I really care is to know how effective this team will be in the near future. There are lots of rumors about Parcells being done with Dallas already and that the team is going definitely downhill.

Are you listening Bill?

What do you have to say to this?

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Emmitt Smith retires

In a very humble and at the same time, glorious way, Emmitt Smith, the now legendary and future Hall of Famer running back for the Cowboys, retires as a Cowboy!

Very touching moment to hear Emmitt’s words of affection towards what it meant for him to be a Cowboy.

He rushed for a total of 18,355 yards and 164 rushing TD’s, I don’t think anybody will ever match up with him. He played for 15 years in the NFL, 13 of them with Dallas.

Emmitt, one of my favorites, gave me so many pleasures when he played for Dallas, and helped the Cowboys win 3 Superbowls in 4 years.

So long, Emmitt, we’ll miss you!

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