NASA discovers new lifeform

Hours before its special news conference today, the cat is out of the bag: NASA has discovered a completely new life form that doesn’t share the biological building blocks of anything currently living on planet Earth. This changes everything.

At its conference today, NASA scientist Felisa Wolfe-Simon will announce that NASA has found a bacteria whose DNA is completely alien to what we know today. Instead of using phosphorus, the bacteria uses arsenic. All life on Earth is made of six components: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur. Every being, from the smallest amoeba to the largest whale, shares the same life stream. Our DNA blocks are all the same.

 I am personally disappointed by this announcement. It’s obvious that the expectations were completely different. I just hope that next time they don’t make such a fuss out of their discoveries; or if they really find ET, they’ll be crying out wolf and we won’t believe them anymore.

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