Kristina Orbakaite in Philly

Philadelphia – Kristina Orbakaite

Location: Warminster, Pennsylvania

Venue: Archbishop Wood School Theater

November 7, 2013.


What a great performance by the so called Princess of Russian Music Stage, I don’t agree. Kristina is a Queen, she’s far better than American stars like Lady Gaga, who I felt utterly disappointed by the release of her last album and should learn a thing or two about Kristina. She’s also way cuter!
Kristina on the other hand, is an amazing and really elegant lady. She’s also very humble, she touched my heart when she said her goodbyes at the end of the magnificent concert; she actually went on her knees to thank the audience. She was photographed by what I think it might have been her child Nikita in the back of the stage at the school.

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Zavaba Group

Ukrainian – Zavaba Group, or The “Fun”

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Katherine Webb’s boyfriend

Webb has said “let it be known that her boyfriend is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan”.

“I actually spoke with him (Trump) earlier today, and he was wanting to meet with both of us if we make it up to New York,” Webb said. “I’m working with his publicist trying to handle all of this media madness right now. And A.J. really wants to play for the Dallas Cowboys, so we’ll see what happens.”

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