Feelings of Anger and Powerless

I really understand the people of Spain and share their sentiments of anger and powerless for these coward attacks, but I would not blame the Prime Minister Aznar for them.

If he decided to join the crusade against terrorism along side with the US, it’s simply because Spain has suffered for more than 30 long years of such terrorist attacks and an end had to be set for it, whether by him or someone else.

Leave the guy alone, he did what he had to do, and I admire his decision, as a matter of fact I will vote for him again, as usual. The Popular Party has been doing an excellent job for the country, and if the people are feeling he’s guilty, they’d better rethink their position here.

This is a very serious act of terrorism. Serious enough to cause another civil revolt among the people; if this was done by ETA, they’ve shot their last bullet because nobody in Spain would be able to tolerate them anyway ever. But if this was done by someone else, then the people had better prepare to plan how they’re going to secure the entire country, going forward as this could’ve happened anywhere in the world, and this is exactly what Mr. Aznar was thinking of, so I believe he’s very capable of coming up with the answers that are needed in this case and he will not fail.

Also, Spain will see the support of not only the US, but the entire world. Spaniards must think with their heads of what’s ahead of them and the rest of us, rather than blaming any one at this point.

Justice must be done, one way or another, I agree. If these attacks were done to settle something that happened long ago about 1492, then we’re dealing with the most stupid people on earth, but then again, not only stupid but without human feelings.

I personally have nothing against Islam, but Muslims should really think of doing something to rid Islam of fundamentalists who come and ruin their whole cause for existence.

God is a loving God, who would not tolerate these actions to be done in His name. If Muslims think otherwise, then they must not be worshipping the same God.

Again, Mr. Aznar made a good decision here, and he has demonstrated that fear should not be the leading sentiment for not doing what is right.

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Spain is targeted by terrorism

Demonstrators hold up their hands and call for an end to violence at a gathering in Seville.

Taunting claim of responsibility

In a five-page e-mail claim sent to Al-Quds al-Arabi, Abu Hafs al-Masri said the brigade’s “death squad” had penetrated “one of the pillars of the crusade alliance, Spain.”

This is part of settling old accounts with Spain, the crusader, and America’s ally in its war against Islam,” the claim said.

The statement taunted the prime minister, asking: “Aznar, where is America? Who will protect you, Britain, Japan, Italy and others from us?”

The message, which the newspaper faxed to The Associated Press office in Cairo, Egypt, also warned the United States that another major strike was approaching.

“We announce the good news for the Muslims in the world that the strike of the black wind of death, the expected strike against America, is now at its final stage — 90 percent ready — and it is coming soon, by God’s will,” the message said.

This apparent disconnect led some Thursday to speculate that Islamic terrorist groups might be behind the blasts, perhaps striking a blow at Spain for its decision to support the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, or angered by the fact that Spain has arrested more alleged al-Qaida operatives than any European country outside Germany and France. Certainly, viewed from the perspective of al-Qaida, a group that dwells on perceived injustices centuries past, striking at the nation that drove the Moors from Europe in 1492 would not be hard to justify.

“… we weep with the families. We stand strongly with the people of Spain. I appreciate so very much the Spanish government’s fight against terror, their resolute stand against terrorist organizations, like ETA. The United States stand with them. Today we ask God’s blessing on those who suffer in the great country of Spain.”

–U.S. President Bush

What do you think?

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How I hate to sound like a loser

Monday was my first day at work. My new job that I got after the programmed process, interviewing and sending out Resumes to everybody who has a good job to offer, not just any job.

Anyway, after the mandatory orientation and all that stuff started, and I began interacting with my new colleagues, (btw, this time I’m in a group of winners, I can tell right away, so it seems) All of us feature a single motivation for being there: “money“, I believe this is a great opportunity to do so, so here we are, trying to look like we are going to be the best of the best; which is yet to be seen after a rigorous training that can last a just a few weeks, or even months. Here’s where we can set ourselves apart by making the trainers release us into the jungle, and start making some serious money.

Up until the day before yesterday, this was me. Well, I still have hair and teeth, but that’s about it.

Trying to get out of a stage of deep depression is big, and trying to make my life go back to normal is what my primary goal is set for now.

During my first day at work emotions, I felt the need as I did every time I started a new job, to call up my wife and share my feelings with her. Only this time, well, there was no wife anymore, but I still reached out my cell to dial home. I didn’t even get an answering machine. I felt really bad right there, something I can’t explain, and happened to me for the first time ever.

Thank goodness a found a couple of colleagues who are into building a huge web site, and one of them is a Personal Trainer with a background in Nutrition; maybe this is just sent from heaven to me, but I will try in making some good friends around here, we’ll see…

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The Passion of the Christ

I got to see this movie yesterday. I went with Pedro and two of his friends. We got there at 11:30 am since he had to go later to work as usual, and that was the only time he had available.

The Passion of the Christ

Well, I’ve always been a very impressionable person when it comes to certain films. This was no exception, and I can really say that this is the most touching movie I have ever seen.

Wow, talking about some work, Mel Gibson did an excellent job in capturing, while at the same time trying not to exaggerate or coming short in displaying what the last 12 hours Jesus spent on this earth must have been like.

I was expecting violence and suffering, but this film without a doubt in my opinion, has given me something unique and special.

“And He sat down on the throne and said. Behold, I make all things new.” Rev 21:5

I personally haven’t being a loyal Christian, and what this movie has put in my heart, is a true and continuous reminder that someone loved me so much, that came to this world for only one reason: to die in my place.

I came to an agreement with myself, and started out by getting rid of some material I wasn’t proud to keep. I had had so many problems letting it go for years now, but just in an instant, as soon as I arrived home after seeing the movie, I was very determined to grab all of what had been distracting me from being free, and I was liberated.

I destroyed it without hesitation, and I have put a special promise in my heart and in my mind to try to get back to be what I used to. With Jesus’ blessing, Amen.

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Pre-Memorial Event for Keiko at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

I’ve been very interested in the events following the death of Keiko, which by the way I met many times while he was captive and giving shows before Mexican audiences back in 1989 and 1991, when I was working in La Salle Junior-High in Mexico City and I used to take my students for field tours to Reino Aventura (back then). I even patted Keiko once and got him to give me a kiss. I was very moved to learn of his death.

Back then, I saw that the trainers were taking good care of him and he seemed happy. Little did I know that none of this was true and that he actually was in pain and not being treated properly, but that’s history.

Anyway, looks like they’re having an event to Keiko’s memory planned with a musical tour and everything. Very interesting!

You can see the Article about Keiko, here.

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