Terrel Owens joins the Cowboys!

Terrell Owens

It’s official, the controversial wide receiver has joined the Dallas Cowboys to a 3 year deal, as announced today at a press conference set by owner Jerry Jones and Terrel’s agent.

I do care about this transaction, and I do care about my team. Personally, if this guy can benefit the organization and truly be the kind of teamplayer, the kind of a better man he wants to be, on and off the field, then I welcome him as a Cowboy; pending of course, the fulfillment of the promise he’s making to embrace the star.

I also, expect him to apologize not just in words, but in his actions as well, about the star incidents that he had in Dallas a few years ago, and that took a person like Emmitt Smith to defend his beloved star, as expected!

We’ll see!

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The World Cup 2006 begins June 9th!

World Cup 2006

The World Cup 2006 begins June 9th!

You can get you own gear for the event here.

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Show your support!

This site is demonstrating what we the people can do after what those who meant to scare and terrorize do to us; we get even more united!

Greetings from Philly!

Show your support, visit this site today!

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Fight against spammers!

Hot and Bothered by Changes at MSN’s Email Service?
Let’s see what’s coming up to stay ahead of the curve on new email protocols.

Last week, Microsoft Corp. revealed that it would begin screening incoming emails using SenderID, a message authentication system born from the merger of the SPF and CallerID protocols. SenderID has been a hot topic since MSN first floated the idea more than a year ago, but the recent announcement still made headlines and drew renewed attention to the subject of email authentication. Despite the concern in some quarters, most reputable email service providers say there is no cause for alarm. Rather, they view the introduction of SenderID as a welcome step in the ongoing battle against spoofing, phishing and spam.

“We welcome the announcement by Microsoft and view SenderID as a positive step towards curbing the onslaught of unsolicited email. Authenticating senders is a crucial piece of the spam-fighting puzzle and this is a way to further protect legitimate marketers.”

As is customary with all developments at the major ISPs, the media seized on the announcement of SenderID as a landmark event. Unfortunately, the breathless coverage created confusion in some quarters and frightened many with little reason to worry. The questions “How does this affect me?”, “What do I need to do to be compliant?” and “Will my emails be blocked?” appeared on the tongue of many an email marketer. Today, we’d like to spend some time examining those questions, the issue of SenderID at large and the measures people will be taking to protect everyone’s interest.

What is SenderID, Anyway?

The goal of SenderID is to prevent spammers from faking or masking their identities with forged headers and, ultimately, to tie in a layer of “reputation analysis” to the overall spam filtering process. SenderID is not a filtering or blocking system, per se, and it does not check the content of incoming emails for spam phrases or trigger words. Rather, it is designed to check the incoming message (at the domain/IP level) and ensure the “sender” is who he or she claims to be and is authorized to send emails from that particular domain.

In the near term, Microsoft will be using SenderID to alert users whenever it receives a message originating from a sender that cannot be verified. MSN will be determining whether the IP address associated with a particular email emanates from an authorized mail server – one that can be authenticated based on posted DNS records. Messages falling short of this standard will be tagged with a “Sender Unknown” label and this could discourage recipients from opening the email. In short, the new standard has no bearing on message content, it simply confirms identity and that the email has not been sent from a “spoofed” domain.

As active members of the Email Service Provider Coalition (www.espcoalition.org) we are on the front lines of this evolving space and are primed to act as ISPs and the market dictate.

SenderID and Beyond:

Microsoft generated an extraordinary amount of publicity with last week’s announcement, but SenderID is hardly the only solution out there. Cisco Systems (Identified Internet Mail) and Yahoo! (DomainKeys) are currently merging their cryptographic protocols into a single authentication solution touted as an even more robust offering than that provided by MSN. More disclosure about this effort is expected at the E-Mail Authentication Implementation Summit in New York on July 12. It would be good be there to capture all the pertinent information, so we can share with you everything that’s on the horizon in the email authentication world.

Finally, something good against those stupid and heartless spammers.

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‘Runaway bride’ in deal to sell life story

Some people just simply have no scruples at all.

The whole idea is so vile and disgusting I can’t stand it. Isn’t there someone who can lock this heartless woman up so that she can’t hurt anybody else? Hello?

She should be joined in jail by her fiancé for all I care. What a stupid idiot! Just as long as they don’t have any children. I don’t think we can afford to have this type of human-species spread out!

Here's an idea:If the company that wants to buy this deal make a book or whatever they have in mind, let's hope that someone does something and boycotts this thing so that no monies are made by this company.

Actually, there is someone already doing something about this, check this site out: Do not let Jennifer Wilbanks and her fiance profit from her actions.

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