Visi – Picturesque

Another small town, which is full of color and famous for its religious “Fiestas”

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Villa del Carbón – Pueblo Mágico


We visited Villa del Carbón, which is a little town that has attained the status of Pueblo Mágico. Like its name says, really a magical place one must visit. Known for its Colonial styles all over, and especially for being the outlets of the many authentic leather stores that sell the highest quality items. Maryana got her boots for under $100. Same ones in Philly, $450. Nice difference, I say!

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Andalucia Horse Show in Xcaret

An excellent display of horse control took place in Xcaret. The whole park offers multiple attractions well suited for all visitors.
The show included the traditional Charros, Adelitas, and lots of tricks performed by these magnificent horses.

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Mexico Spectacular

In one of my very best experiences, I was fortunate to watch the 2 hour “Mexico Spectacular Show” live in Xcaret, in my latest trip to Can-Cun.
The show, professionally performed, featured a replica of the “Juego de Pelota” played by the Mayans, with fire balls and the loser being beheaded. It also depicted the arrival of the “Conquistadores” and the struggle that ensued all the way to the “Revolution“. The show was beautifully adorned with the traditional costumes and regional music of different states, all the way to the “Mariachi“.
I saw people tearing all-the-way. Cheers to a show really well done!

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Antigua Hacienda de Tlalpan

Perhaps the best Restaurant in Mexico City. I’ve been going to this place for over 25 years now. I love this place for its magic and great atmosphere. This evening, my mom, her sister, Maria and Eva; and of course, Maryana. Posing with the Peacocks and enjoying a marvelous dinner at dusk.

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