Workshop in San Antonio, TX.

I visited San Antonio, Texas from August 9-13, for a Workshop in BTOP; a state-of-the-art PC Lab I’m helping to set for my new employer. A great project, unique in this field and the best part, it’ll provide great and much needed services to the community I serve.

I was so impressed by the River Walk, with all those wonderful smelling grills, which makes it quite a difficult decision having to choose where to dine.

I’d love to live there just because of this incredible sight!

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Spain wins its first World Cup!

Exactly a month ago,we were wondering this outcome. Spain came into this tournament as the favorite squad to win it all; and, they haven’t disappointed. They’re World Cup Champions for the first time in their history. Two years ago, I watched them win the Euro-Cup, two years later I cried again when I saw them pick up the World Cup in 2010. Well deserved, at last!

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Saying farewell to two of my classes.

Today, I have said good-bye to my morning classes. It’s been really hard.

This is the first time in my life I feel really happy doing any job. I love these classes. I’ve gotten such instant gratification on a daily basis; and today, I was given an incredibly inspirational speech by one of my students. It was almost surreal.

Thank you very much to all of you who made it such a pleasure to be part of your lives. You have also touched my life!

I will miss you and I shall never forget you all!

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World Cup 2010

FIFA’s World Cup for 2010 from South Africa has begun. Will this be the year “La Furia Roja” goes all the way? We’ll see pretty soon!

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Trip to Can-Cun 2009

A short trip to Cancun, Tulum and Cozumel, during December 17 to 21.

I love the effects on my Margarita!

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