Farewell to Texas Stadium

The Ravens have scored the impossible. The two longest back-to-back running plays ever seen at Texas Stadium. And it had to be on the final regular game ever played here. What it was to be a party to close out the final game, has turned into a nightmare.

Oh no you didn’t! Oh no!

I’ve said before, Tony Romo, Jason Garrett and Wade Phillips need to go now. The season is over why wait. Stupid Jerry Jones needs to stop influencing how his team plays the game. This is the reason why Bill Parcells did NOT allow him to step into what is not his business. He may be the owner, but he’s screwing the entire team with his actions.

I’m sorry Wade, I liked you, but you’re way too soft.

Jason Garrett, you’ve got to be kidding me. My grandma who doesn’t know the game could be more creative than your play calling and your lack of imagination.

Tony Romo, you are Danny White’s second version. You are never gonna achieve anything here. Please leave on your own.

What a dissapointing way to end an era in Dallas. It doesn’t matter how many stars are on. I’m really hurt to see what just happened today.

I’m tired to see this kind of thing over and over. The Cowboys need an extraordinary change if things are to improve. The bottom is not reached, yet. They will continue to show this things again and again, until someone does something radical. Cut these people now, and make a pivotal change in how you approach your managing the team and maybe we will be able to see respectable Cowboys on the field again. This team has way too much tradition and history to let it stay hurt like this.

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